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Issue # 55 

The RCC 



September 16, 2013 

Nursing Assistant 
Training is back at RCC 

The Corporate & Community Education Department 
launched its first Nursing Assistant Training Program 
under the Massachusetts Community College Workforce 
Development Transformation Agenda (MACCWDTA), a 
federal grant funded by the Department of Labor (DOL). 

Nine students formed the cohort, which started on June 
17. The 10-week training program is being offered at the 
reduced rate of $500 and includes nursing laboratory 
sessions, clinical work at off-site nursing facilities and 
assistance in job search and job placement. 

Requirements for the program include English proficiency, 
High School Diploma or GED, CORI check, Accuplacer and 

Please join us in extending praise on their hard work 
throughout the program! 

Congratulations to our most recent graduates, Jenneh T. 
Bayour, Marie J. Bellegarde, Deqa Elmi, Taina S. Noelsaint, 
Huong T.Nguyen, Yolanda S. Scales, Vanessa R. Moore, 
Siraje Senkubuge and Stephanie Rodriguez who are 
pictured above with Laurence Fils-Aime, Nursing 
Instructor; Gloria Cater, Dean of Nursing; and Marie Lunie 
Dalexis, Lead Nursing Instructor 

The Boston Private Industry 
Council (PIC) Meeting 

At last week's, 2013 Annual PIC meeting, which was held at the Federal 
Reserve Bank, our president, Dr. Valerie Roberson, was a featured 
speaker, along with Dr. Pam Eddinger, new president of Bunker Hill 
Community College, and John McDonough, Interim Superintendent, 
Boston Public Schools. Dr. Roberson's speech was well-received, and she 
later received kudos from the meeting attendees. 

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ISSUE # 55 


RCC Faculty 
Making their Mark 

Faculty Published 

Dr. Kimberly Stieglitz is part of a team of researchers that 
has had their article, " Al-Pillared Ghassoulite Clay as a 
New Green Catalyst for the Synthesis of Benzothiazoles 
and Benzimidazoles: Effect of Amine/CEC Ratio," 
published in the June 2013 
edition of the International 
Journal of Organic Chemistry. The 
study characterizes a natural 
product, which is extracted from 
Moroccan clay, called 

Ghassoulite, that acts as a 
catalyst to make the reaction to 
the compounds Benzothiazoles 
and Benzimidazoles for drug 
studies fast and efficient. 

Former Writing Center volunteer and new faculty member 
Emily Artiano is presenting a paper called "Unlearning Colonial 
Hegemonic Discourse in Mary Rowland son's The Sovereignty 
and Goodness of God.' 1 This will be at the Critical Ethnic Studies 
Conference in Chicago on September 19, 2013 



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Or^ink* Chemistry 

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ulty Paper 

MFA Membership 

Through the generosity of a donor, the College does 
have a membership. However, please do not try to 
use that membership until we are given the "go- 
ahead." VP Mercomes will send out an email as 
soon as we get that notification. 

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Additional honors came to RCC when the 2013 PIC 
Achiever Awards were announced. One of our 
associate degree graduates, JoAn Blake, who went on 
to earn a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Laboratory 
Clinical Sciences at Boston University, was recognized 
as a PIC Achiever. Ms. Blake is now a Senior 
Compliance Specialist at Cytonome ST. We sincerely 
congratulate Ms. Blake (pictured back row, fourth from 
the left), and we are so proud of her accomplishments. 

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^& i^^^^il s 

Mark Your 

September 21: Homecoming 
September 24: PTK Elections 
October I : Scholarly Speaker Series 
October 8: PTK Spirit Day 

October 10: PTK Open House 

October 7: The State of Community 
Colleges in an Urban Setting 

October 1 1 : 40th Gala 

October 22: Community Career Fair 

Phi Theta Kappa Update 

After experiencing a successful prior year, Phi Theta 
Kappa is off and running with its new theme, "Nerd is the 
New Cool!" On September 24th, Phi Theta Kappa will be 
holding its election for new officers: President, Executive 
Vice-President, Vice-President of Scholarship, Secretary 
and Treasurer. In conjunction with the Honors Program, 
Phi Theta Kappa will be co-sponsoring a Scholarly Speaker Series on 
October 1st, featuring Dr. Polina Anikeeva, MIT's Assistant Professor in 
Materials Science and Engineering. Dr. Anikeeva's research interest is in 
neurological and neuromuscular disorders by developing materials for 
neural prosthetic. Other exciting Phi Theta Kappa activities are being 
planned which you will hear about in future updates, such as the Phi 
Theta Kappa Spirit Day (October 8th), Open House (October 10th), and 
the Spring 2014 Induction Ceremony. 

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ISSUE # 55 


Professional Development 

Given the new college policy for student attendance 
and the responsibility of faculty to report accurate 
information on the Add/Drop Class Lists, mid-term, and 
final rosters, the Academic Technology division will host 
multiple drop-in sessions for faculty who need training 
or help using MyRCC. 

The key dates for entering information into MyRCC are 
below. The drop-in sessions are clustered around these 

. Add/Drop Class List due: Wednesday, September 18 

. Mid-term grades due: Friday, October 25 

. Autumn Access: Friday, November 1 

. Final grades due: Monday, December 23 

Please contact Jenene Cook ( with 
any questions about the drop-in sessions. If there are 
issues with your courses in MyRCC, please contact the 
Enrollment Center. If there is a student in your class 
that is not on your class list, please send them to the 
Enrollment Center immediately. 

Using Rosters & Tracking Attendance in MyRCC 

This workshop provides an overview of the college's 
attendance policy and instruction on how to access 
class rosters and track attendance in MyRCC. Basic 
navigation and updating your profile will also be 

Dates: 9/16 (2:30-4PM), 9/17 (3-5PM), 9/18 (12- 
1:30PM, 4:30-6PM) 

Location: 3-207Q 

PowerPoint Essentials 

This workshop provides an overview of basic 
PowerPoint features. Participants will explore themes 
and navigation of an existing multi-slide presentation as 
well as create a simple presentation that applies a 
template. Presenting across computers will also be 

Date: Wednesday, 9/18 
Times 3-4PM 
Location: 3-207Q 

Classroom Technology 
Drop-in Sessions 

David will be available in 207Qfor anyone who wants to 
drop in to learn more about using the technology in our 
learner-centered classrooms. If you want to know the 
basics, learn some more advanced features, or just 
practice using the technology, come on by! 

Dates: Wednesday, 9/25, 10/9 
Times: 8-10AM, 12-2PM 
Location: 3-207Q 

I Can See My House From Here! 

This workshop will introduce you to Google Earth, a 
powerful, free software package available here in all our 
classrooms, and to you at home or in the office. We will 
look at the many features and possibilities this program 
affords, and discover ways to integrate it into your own 
lesson plans. 

Dates: Tuesday, 9/17 
Times: 1:30-2:30PM 
Location: 3-207Q 

Weekly Moodle Drop-in Sessions 

These informal drop-in sessions are open to any and all 
faculty at any level of Moodle experience. 

Come for 10 minutes or the full hour. Find out what 
Moodle can do for you and how other faculty are using 
Moodle in their courses. Gain the skills you need to earn 
the Basic or Intermediate Level Moodle Proficiency 
Certificate. (If you let me know you are coming in 
advance, Til try to have a fresh pot of coffee available.) 

Dedicated mini-sessions on requested Moodle topics 
can be arranged for two or more faculty. Or schedule 
individual time to work on your Moodle skills at any 
time Monday thru Thursday, 10AM to 3PM by email 

Date: Every Monday and Thursday, 9/16- 11/14 
Time: 12-2PM 
Location: 3-207Q 

Items for "The Weekly" 

If you have something of interest that you would like to share with the college community, please submit it to Jacqueline Lyn ch at jlynchl@ 

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